Motorcyle Rentals in Seattle, Washington, United States

Terms and Conditions

Northwest Adventure Ride (NWAR)

Rental Terms and Conditions
  1. Rental, Insurance, and Warranties: This is a contract for the rental of the motorcycle. The vehicle may be repossessed at your expense, without notice, if the vehicle is abandoned or used in violation of this agreement or the law. You agree to hold us harmless from all claims, liability, costs, and attorney fees resulting from this rental and/or use of the vehicle. NWAR makes no warranties regarding the vehicle, no warranty of merchantability or that the vehicle is fit for a particular purpose.
  2. The Renter agrees to be the sole driver of the vehicle and with that to obey the laws and rules of the road. The renter agrees to use legal and maintained roadways. The renter agrees to avoid single track and trails designated for ATV purpose.
  3. The renter is responsible for any and all damage occurred while renting the vehicle, including the cost of repair or the cash retail value of the Vehicle on the date of the loss if the vehicle is not repairable, whether or not the renter is at fault for the damage. All accidents or incidents or theft and vandalism will be reported to the police and to NWAR as soon as they are discovered.
  4. The renter assumes full responsibility and costs of any damages occurred to the vehicle, the rider(s), other vehicles, and other individuals, caused while in possession of and/or while operating the rented vehicle.
  5. The renters deposit may be used to pay any amounts owed to NWAR under this Agreement.
  6. The renter has inspected the vehicle with a NWAR employee and agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition as when it was rented and picked up.
  7. The renter confirms that he/she is a licensed/endorsed motorcycle rider. The renter confirms that they have the experience necessary to operate the motorcycle in a safe manner. The renter acknowledges that riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity and takes full responsibility for any injury caused to self or others.
  8. The renter agrees that no other drivers will be driving the vehicle at any point during the rental contract.   If damage is caused by another driver/rider, the renter agrees to pay full damages accrued to the bike, persons, or other vehicles involved.