Motorcyle Rentals in Seattle, Washington, United States


Where is the rental office located?

We are located in unincorporated King county near Maple Valley, WA.  We are 20-30 minutes from Bellevue/Downtown Seattle/SeaTac Airport depending on traffic.

Who will you rent to?

We rent to experienced motorcycle riders who are at least 25 years of age.  Renters must have a motorcycle endorsement and show general knowledge of motorcycle operation.

What is the maximum / minimum rental period?

We do not state a maximum or minimum rental timeframe.  Rentals over a week will receive a discount but also will need a general itinerary filed.  The bike ARE allowed to go into Canada (Amazing riding around Whistler, BC!).  One day rentals are very popular as a daylong tour of Mt. Rainier can easily be done by picking up in the morning and dropping off in the evening.

What are the office hours for rental?

The office hours can be flexible as long as prior arrangements are made.  We may not agree to very odd rental or return hours.

Are there bike available for the dates xx/xx/xxxx?

We have availability MOST of the time.  The best way to find out is to ask.  Fill out the Inquire Now form or shoot us an email and we’ll let you know availability.

What about insurance?

It is advised that you seek insurance through your own provider or a third party vendor.  As of August 2020 WA state has started to require motorcycle insurance for all riders.  We do not offer insurance.

What about damage?

Always the touchy question.  These are dual sport motorcycles and can and will incur bruises and scratches.  As a general rule we want the bike to come back in the condition it left obviously (muddy is fine).  We will do a walk around of the bikes to note any imperfections/damage at the time of the rental….think like the old rental car days.  If it comes back with only the damage noted that’s it rental complete.  If there is additional damage we try to be as fair as possible.

Being a dual sport/adventure type bike we don’t replace all parts that are scratched or a little dented…that being said….those parts do eventually need replaced so paying some toward that replacement will be expected.  Example:  You leave on a KLR that has one minor ding on the gas tank.  We likely charged the previous renter ~$50 to compensate for that dent.  If it arrives back with a different dent on the tank a ~$50 charge will likely be administered to compensate for that dent.   Once it is past its usable life a replacement tank will need to be installed and everyone who damaged the last one will have chipped in.

Large dents and/or parts that are damaged beyond repair will be charged the full replacement value based on the part prices at

We have yet to have a totaled bike but in the event of the bike being totaled the renter would be responsible for the full value of the motorcycle (generally $3000-$3500).

What if the bike has mechanical problems?

As the renter/rider you should be prepared for mechanical incidents like you would your own bike.  We do not provide tool/tire kits/spares for rentals.  You should provide your own tools based on the number of days you plan to be out and where you are riding.  If there is a mechanical failure that requires a shop we will reimburse the cost from the shop unless it is determined to be neglect by the renter/rider.  Examples:  Bent rim from 3 foot jump is not covered by us.  Fuel line developed a leak and needed replaced is covered by us.

More Questions?

ASK.  We are happy to answer any questions/concerns that you may have.   Just send us an email.