Motorcyle Rentals in Seattle, Washington, United States



Kawasaki KLR 650:

Dual-sport motorcycle meant for paved and unpaved roads. This bike has been a staple in Kawasaki’s lineup since 1987. The KLR is known for being a tried and true adventure touring bike. With the addition of panniers (metal side bags) it is perfect for long distance trips.  Panniers are included upon request.  All of our KLRs are outfitted for adventure riding and are much more capable than stock bikes.

Rate:   $99 per 24 hour period

*This charge may be negotiated for long term (7+ days) rentals.

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Suzuki DL 1000/V-Strom 1000:

Dual-sport motorcycle with a 996 cc v-twin engine. The V-Twin engine gives extra power at low and mid-range. The comfortable sitting position makes the bike easy to ride and is perfect for long rides. Not recommended for off-highway use unless renter has significant motorcycling experience.  Our DL1000s come with side panniers and top boxes (trunks).

Panniers can be removed upon request.

Rate: $125 per 24 hour period

*This daily rate may be negotiated for long term (7+ days) rentals.

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This image represents current rentals in our fleet.  This picture was taken on a day trip to Carbonado Saloon.  After lunch we continued our way up to Mowich Lake.  Great one day out and back.